A Zest for Overcoming Challenges: Joy Dungca in Immigration

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Joy Dungca is an immigration attorney in our firm’s Edison, NJ office.

Joy Dungca’s favorite part of her job as an immigration attorney is encountering new challenges daily. Says Joy, “Every day I find myself in a different situation than what I had planned. I have learned to love challenges and overcoming them. My job is fascinating, overwhelming, and satisfying.”

Back in the Philippines, Joy worked on criminal defense cases. As an immigrant to the United States, Joy was driven to learn about the US immigration system. It was hard for her to know that her time to work and stay in the United States was limited. During her search for answers, Joy learned to love the field and decided to help immigrants like herself.

Joy finds it most gratifying to hear “thank you” from her clients. She loves knowing that she is able to make a difference in their lives. Says Joy, “Although it can take a while to achieve the results that we want for some of our clients, the journey is always worth it.”

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295 Pierson Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837
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