Corporate Litigation 101

Corporate litigation can strain your company’s resources and time. Chugh, LLP’s legal team works hard to help your company manage litigation quickly and effectively if it does arise.

The Future of Data Security Laws in the United States

The digital era has brought new attention to the data privacy debate. While there is limited national data privacy legislation at the time of publication, United States businesses may be subject to different privacy laws based on factors like which consumers purchase their products or services.

Rule 5.4: Potential Changes to the Ownership Structure of Law Firms

Under Rule 5.4, nonlawyers in the United States cannot hold ownership in law firms, partner with lawyers, or share legal fees with attorneys.[1] However, this policy has changed in certain US states and could even change nationwide. A repeal of Rule 5.4 could benefit larger law firms, while hurting the bottom line of smaller ones.

Guidelines for Rescheduling a Biometrics Appointment

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will l no longer accept written reschedule requests for biometrics appointments at the Biometrics Processing Unit (BPU) in Alexandria, VA. Instead, applicants will need to call the USCIS Contact Center to reschedule an appointment and establish good cause for the change. The new policy aims to reduce paperwork and should allow USCIS to process and track requests more efficiently.

Child Custody Agreements: Move Away Cases in California

When one parent has joint or sole custody of the child(ren) and they want to relocate, a move away case may be triggered. If the move is distant enough to impact the current custody agreement, the parents will need to go to court to get revised custody and visitation agreements.

What is the Difference Between Private Foundations and Public Charities?

Private foundations and public charities are both tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations established to support charitable causes. However, the organizations differ in how they are funded and operated. Public charities must receive at least one-third of their funding from the public, while private foundations are typically funded by a single individual, family, or corporation.

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