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Building Community and Serving Clients: Phani Bobba

Practice Areas

Phani Bobba is a legal consultant in our firm’s Atlanta office.

Like most Indian parents, Phani Bobba’s parents encouraged him to become a doctor or an engineer. He decided early on that he did not want to pursue a traditional profession. He wanted his work to be different every day.

Along with sales, Phani has always enjoyed trying to understand and debate complex issues. He appreciates the way gives him the opportunity to help people with their legal complications.

Helping Clients Achieve their Dreams

Phani understands that the quality of his work can affect individuals’ goals and lives, and he sees this as an enormous responsibility. He pays attention to every minuscule detail for each client, and works to getting the best outcome for their petitions.

For Phani, this dedication is worthwhile. It means a lot when clients thank him after getting their petitions approved. He loves knowing that he represented clients to the best of the team’s ability.

Further, Phani loves contributing to fulfilling clients’ dreams of moving to the US and building a future here.

Expanding His Network

It has always been important for Phani to meet new people by networking. He believes that it is valuable because he can interact with individuals outside his immediate circle of influence, enabling him to learn about a wide variety of things he would not have known otherwise.

Phani enjoys collaborating and partnering with businesses, entrepreneurs. His passion is serving new clients.

Free Consultations

Phani Bobba is happy to provide free 30-minute consultations to clients seeking advice on immigration matters.

To schedule a free consultation, please send an email to Include “Free Consultation with Phani Bobba: Website” in the subject line.

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