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Business owners will need a variety of complementary legal support throughout the life of their business. The right team of corporate lawyers in New Jersey | San Francisco can protect your business from legal problems before they occur, and help you accomplish growth and other business goals smoothly.

In business for over 25 years, Chugh, LLP is a full-service legal and immigration firm that is experienced in serving businesses ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. With offices across the United States, our experienced team of corporate lawyers in New Jersey | San Francisco offer the full range of legal assistance that you will need for your business.

  • Business Formation: A corporate lawyer in New Jersey | San Francisco can help you determine which entity type, such as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), is the best way to organize your business for tax and liability purposes. They will also stay on top of business licensing and renewal requirements. Chugh, LLP corporate attorneys are experienced in advising start-ups.
  • Corporate Compliance/Outside General Counsel: From maintaining corporate records, to advising on regulatory compliance, New Jersey businesses should work with an experienced corporate lawyer to ensure they avoid regulatory issues through all stages of business growth.

  • Contracts: Chugh, LLP corporate attorneys get to know and understand your business quickly. Based on knowledge of your organization, our attorneys prepare powerful contracts that help protect your interests in relationships with customers and suppliers. We also review contracts that you are being asked to sign and negotiate more favorable terms.

  • Employment: New Jersey employers should work with an experienced corporate lawyer to help them hire and properly classify employees, draft employment contracts and employee handbooks, develop employee compensation and leave policies, build sound human resources training for management and employees, and create and enforce discipline and termination policies. Once Chugh, LLP’s corporate lawyers in New Jersey develop these contracts and policies for your company, they can train your management team to ensure you maintain compliance with employment policies.

  • Real Estate: From negotiating lease terms or construction contracts, helping you secure financing and comply with zoning/land use matters, handling property management issues, and so much more, you need a corporate lawyer in New Jersey that is specialized in real estate. Chugh, LLP’s attorneys can come up with innovative solutions to your unique commercial real estate challenges.
  • Intellectual Property: Choose an experienced corporate layer in New Jersey with a specialization in intellectual property so that you can protect your ownership rights and avoid expensive litigation in the future.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions:Mergers and acquisitions have significant impacts on all company stakeholders. You will need an experienced corporate lawyer that understands your business objectives and delivers the best possible outcomes for your company. The Chugh, LLP team works closely with your managementto identify legal issues, create a road map, and determine critical things like the tax implications of the deal and which regulatory approvals are needed. Our corporate lawyers in New Jerseyhelp you secure any needed financing, work with third-party lenders or contract parties to secure approvals, and finally negotiate the terms of the deal to get the best possible outcome for your company.

  • Immigration:New Jersey business owners should work with an experienced corporate immigration attorney to seamlessly sponsor foreign workers and focus on what really matters – thriving in your business.

  • International Business: Whether you are based abroad and want to open abranchor affiliate US office, or are headquartered in the US and want to expand internationally, work with a corporate lawyer in New Jerseylike Chugh, LLP that is well-versed in the regulations of both countries. We guide you through the complex processes of establishing and operating a business, whether in the US or abroad.

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With offices across the United States, Chugh, LLP serves business owners with a full-service legal and immigration support at our Edison, NJ office. Choose Chugh, LLP to get specialized corporate legal support under one roof. Contact us today for a consultation.

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