A Devoted Client Advocate: Navdeep Meamber in Immigration

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Navdeep Meamber is an immigration attorney and partner based in our firm’s Santa Clara office.

Navdeep Meamber began practicing immigration law in 2003. She has experienced the drastic changes

within the US immigration system over the years. Navdeep enjoys getting to know her clients and helping them navigate the roadblocks and complex challenges of the US immigration system.

Immigration work is very interesting for Navdeep, as each client has a different story. Her practice is all about people, their work, and their lives.

Navdeep loves interacting with people from all corners of the world without having to travel. She enjoys working with employers, researchers, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and families from different cultures and backgrounds.

Driven by Client Success

Says Navdeep, “In the end, when clients have their visa or green card applications approved, it makes my day!

“I look forward to continue advocating for my clients. This makes my work inspiring and it gives me professional fulfillment.”

Contact Navdeep

(770) 881-9200
1600 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054
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