COVID-19 Impact on IT Service Companies: ANswering your Most Pressing Legal, Tax, Immigration, Government Financial Assistance, and Employment Questions

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic leads to new legislation, businesses must rapidly adapt to the changing business landscape and understand how policy impacts their day-to-day.

Join Chugh, LLP’s experienced attorneys and CPAs for guidance on how to navigate this complicated legal, immigration, tax, and government stimulus environment together on this webinar, recorded on Monday, March 30, 2020.

In this video, we’ll cover key topics including:

  • FFRCA’s Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act & Medical Leave Expansion Act:
    • Which employers are impacted
    • How much employers must pay employees on leave, for how long, and under which circumstances
    • Tax credits available
  • Unemployment insurance benefits and workers’ compensation coverage related to COVID-19
  • H-1B visa-holders:
    • Working from home, posting requirements
    • Payment during shutdowns at the client site
    • Unemployment benefits
  • Changes to United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) policy:
    • Flexibility on I-9 physical presence
    • Relief for student visa holders
    • Changes to premium processing and electronic signatures


You’ll hear from experienced Chugh, LLP attorneys and CPAs who are on the cutting edge of new COVID-19 related policy developments, including:


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