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Mishita Jethi, Attorney

Mishita Jethi is a corporate immigration attorney in Chugh, LLP’s Edison, New Jersey office.

Why Mishita Jethi Loves Her Work

I would like to believe that in my own little way, I am helping so many of my clients live their ‘American dream.’

Immigration law is fairly complicated. It is very gratifying for me to help my clients navigate that process comfortably.

Lawyers usually get a bad rap in popular culture. But I love the fact that my practice area has a very tangible effect on people’s lives.

Immigration Law: A Natural Choice

I decided to pursue immigration law as a career for a number of reasons. I moved to the United States as an immigrant, and this was instrumental in my decision. Also, while in India I lived in several Indian states, and I speak multiple Indian languages.

These experiences are very useful as an immigration attorney. A lot of clients feel at ease working with someone who has gone through this process, and can connect with them on a lingual and cultural basis.

A Win for Clients is a Win for Mishita

Immigration timelines are usually long and tedious. Because of this, we tend to work very closely with clients for a year or even more. I definitely form a bond with my clients, even if sometimes we are just playing the waiting game.

At the end of it all, when clients finally get their permanent residency, citizenship, or even a petition approved after a long wait, I usually feel as if it was my own petition that got approved! You can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction when you’ve been involved with a client for a long time and their case successfully reaches its fruition.

Immigration Consultation

To schedule a corporate immigration consultation with Mishita Jethi, please send an email to info@chugh.com. Please include “Website Consultation – Mishita Jethi” in the subject line.

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