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Immigration Attorney

Primary Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Provide counsel on immigration laws to corporate and business units.
  2. Handle immigration cases and issues relating to corporate.
  3. Handle employment-based non-immigrant and immigrant visa matters.
  4. Analyze, evaluate and prepare key immigration legal issues including H-1N, L-1, TN and PERM labor certifications.
  5. Determine and prepare appropriate immigrant visa petitions.
  6. Resolve and troubleshoot complex legal issues.
  7. Draft complex case matters including support letters, audit responses, and appeals.
  8. Organize plans and schedule cases on priority dates.
  9. Handle and follow cases from inception to completion within the stipulated time frame.
  10. Review and approve documents and filings with accuracy. 

Skills & Qualifications:

  1. 5-10 plus years experience as a practicing attorney in immigration.
  2. Obtained an appropriate law degree from a law school accredited to the American Bar Association.
  3. Admission to any US state bar is required
  4. Extensive skill, knowledge, and work-related experience is needed.
  5. Skill in leading, organizing, and reviewing the work of legal staff.

Please send resume with cover letter, and at least three professional references to