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By: Sharmila Karingula

B-1 and B-2 visas are non-immigrant temporary visas allowing individuals to travel to United States for business or tourism. B-1 and B-2 visas can be awarded for up to a period of ten years and permit multiple entries to the country.

B-1 visas can apply to individuals who wish to gain employment in the United States however they cover a variety of business-related activities such as negotiations, trainings, and meetings, as long as the individual will not be paid within the country. Similarly, B-2 visas are primarily for tourism, however, can also be used when an individual is seeking medical treatment or trying to enter the United States for other personal purposes.

The INterview Process 

Applicants can often face challenges to address the questions raised by consular officers during the interview process. It is essential the applicant answers all the questions accurately and sufficiently. The consulate will conduct a full background check; therefore, it is essential you do not lie or hide any information during your interview.  Common interview questions include but are not limited to:

  1. What is the purpose of your visit to the United States?
  2. What is your travel history, including all prior trips to the United States?
  3. Do you have any relatives currently in the United States?
  4. Who will sponsor your visit to the United States?
  5. Where will you reside once you arrive in the United States?
  6. What does your sponsor do for a living, and how much do they earn?
  7. How long has your sponsor been in the United States?
  8. How is your sponsor in the United States? Which visa did they enter the country on (if different to their current visa)?
  9. Did your sponsor study in the United States?
  10. Is your sponsor married? Do they have children?
  11. Are you married and will your spouse be accompanying you on your visit to the United States?
  12. If you are traveling alone: Why are you traveling alone?
  13. When do you plan to visit the United States?
  14. Why do you need to travel at this time?
  15. Where in the United States do you plan on visiting?
  16. Have you booked your travel, such as tickets, hotels, and other applicable considerations? Have you booked your return tickets?
  17. Do you meet the medical insurance requirements?
  18. What are the expenses you are expected to incur on this visit?
  19. How long will be residing in the United States? If you are planning a trip for longer than six months, you will likely be asked: Why do you need to stay for so long? And if it possible to shorten your trip.
  20. How can the United States guarantee that you will return to your home country after the visa expires?
  21. When did you last meet the individual sponsoring your visa?
  22. When did the individual sponsoring your visit last visit your home country?
  23. Where do you currently reside?
  24. Where do you work? What is your job profile, and annual income?
  25. Have you applied for leave from work for the duration of your trip? Business owners will be asked who will care for the business for the duration of their trip.
  26. How do you plan to fund your visit? Retired individuals on pensions will likely be asked how much their pension is.
  27. What assets do you hold in your country?
  28. Who will look after your property when you are away?
  29. Do you own a credit card? Show it to the consulate.
  30. Will you be working in the United States?
  31. Do you have any children? Married Individuals will likely be asked their spouse and children’s date of birth, college information, and any other applicable details.

In addition, consular officers may ask questions about your mental and physical conditions to check whether you are able to travel.

Interviews can be difficult and confusing to navigate. For assistance in preparing for your interview and help filing your B-1 or B-2 application, contact your trusted Chugh, LLP immigration professional


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