Chugh, LLP specializes in the defense and prosecution of civil lawsuits. We practice general civil litigation with unfettered goals aimed towards exhaustive fact gathering, possessing an intricate knowledge of the law and presenting the case in a manner garnered towards obtaining the best possible results.

Many of our clients have never been involved in a lawsuit before and we are extremely sensitive to this reality. As a corollary, we take the time to educate our clients about every aspect of their case, from the time the Complaint is filed, up through trial. We commence with a liability analysis of the facts of the case and our proposed case strategy. We then provide the client with a litigation budget, a realistic estimate of the cost we believe will be required to prosecute or defend the action from start to finish. From written discovery, depositions, dispositive pre-trial motions and trial, the client is involved in every aspect of the journey. It is the client’s case, and the client has the right to know what is transpiring at every juncture.

Clients increasingly choose Chugh, LLP for their litigation needs because we are problem solvers offering viable and cost effective solutions to business disputes. At the outset, our litigators evaluate business disputes from the early stages, to determine if litigation can be avoided. If it cannot, we then evaluate how the dispute can be resolved as economically and efficiently as possible, with cost control considerations being deployed at all times, from the smallest case to the largest. Our primary interest lies in the best possible result for the client, not just litigating a case without a purpose or strategy to achieve a desired goal. As such, our litigators do not just think as advocates, but as business minded individuals, to ensure that the client’s business does not suffer in the process.

In addition to our litigation team, we draw upon the experience of our transactional lawyers who assist our litigators in multiple areas of practice, including but not limited to mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, securities law, information technology law, employment law and taxation. By way of example, our tax lawyers often assist our litigators with reconciliation of corporate accounts in accounting actions and providing damages calculations. The presentation of damages is a critical component for either the plaintiff or defendant at the time of trial.

In the era of globalization, legal disputes frequently cross international borders. Many of our international clients have corporate and branch offices in the United States and abroad. Disputes often arise on both ends of the spectrum and our widely diverse international practice in India is well equipped to handle all disputes arising in the Indian courts and through private arbitration proceedings.

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