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14 May

employment law compliance in the covid-19 era

As California employers navigate employment law issues related to the pandemic, they still must comp....

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26 Apr

covid-19 vaccines and returning to work: managing legal compliance issues

Can employers require their employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? How can companies bring emplo....

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09 Sep

managing corporate governance issues during the covid-19 pandemic

Corporations should carefully consider how they will address corporate governance issues presented b....

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12 Aug

how businesses can adapt to changes to us immigration policy during the covid-19 pandemic

As US immigration policy rapidlyevolvesin the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are ....

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21 Jan

united states requires covid-19 vaccination for foreign travelers entering by land or ferry from canada and mexico

Beginning January 22, 2022, all non-US travelers entering the United States by land or ferry from Ca....

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28 Dec

biden to lift covid-19 travel ban for certain southern african countries

President Biden will end the presidential proclamation which bans certain southern African travelers....

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