Collaborating with Colleagues for Better Results: Hooman Yavi in Corporate Law

Practice Areas

Hooman Yavi is an attorney in our firm’s Santa Clara, CA office.

 Hooman Yavi’s favorite part of being an attorney is doing the technical legal analysis that his clients value much more than anything else. Says Hooman, “In the end, clients want you to be correct – not just prompt, responsive, and cordial. I never shy away from giving clients a full disclosure of risks and liabilities or leveraging experience and technical skills to come up with a creative solution.”

Working with clients is also a learning opportunity for Hooman, since many clients are business-savvy and think in different ways from attorneys. “Collaborating with them elevates our group IQ and allows us to make better decisions together,” says Hooman.

A Family Legal Tradition

Being an attorney is personal for Hooman. “My grandfather was an attorney in Iran in the 70s and early 80s, including during the 1979 revolution,” he says. Hooman’s grandfather represented political prisoners and was even was arrested as a political prisoner himself. As he grew up, Hooman’s family was keen to have open discussions on politics, law, ethics, and civil rights. In college, Hooman studied philosophy, and always planned on following in his grandfather’s legal footsteps.

Consultations in Corporate Law

For a solid problem-solving partnership, schedule a consultation with Hooman Yavi in corporate law. Send an email to including the following information:

  • “Legal Consultation, Hooman Yavi: Web Profile” in the subject line
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Contact Hooman Yavi
(408) 343-7633
1600 Duane Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054
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