Constantly Changing: Corporate Law a Natural Fit for Attorney Mengxin “Esther” Cui

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Mengxin “Esther” Cui is an Attorney in our firm’s Reston, Virginia office.

Mengxin “Esther” Cui loves that being an attorney enables her to explore new things every day. Says Esther, “Every day provides a new challenge for me. The diversity of work in corporate law – and the opportunity to make a difference – makes me excited and keeps me satisfied.”

Esther truly enjoys getting to work with new clients, learning about their backgrounds, and their thoughts and concerns. She appreciates that her clients are smart and know what they want. Esther feels respected in her role as legal advisor, and this keeps her going.

A Hong Kong television show inspired Esther to enter the legal field when she was a child. She was taken with how brave, smart, sophisticated the attorneys were. Watching them argue a case in court was all the inspiration Esther needed to embark on her own legal journey.

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1902 Campus Commons Dr. Ste. 440, Reston, VA 20191
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