Driven by Client Service and the Law: Jagan Tamirisa in Immigration

Practice Areas

Jagan Tamirisa is an Immigration Consultant in our Reston, VA office.

Jagan Tamirisa knew that he wanted to work in the immigration field since interning in this discipline during his law school days. Jagan remains committed to delivering a high standard of service because he knows that his work can make a real impact on immigrants, helping them maintain their livelihoods with a sense of security.

Immigration law is complex. Jagan feels a sense of accomplishment in helping his clients pursue their dreams by legally and permanently immigrating to the United States. It is really rewarding for him that most of his clients are referred by previous clients, and that they stay in touch with him after their work is complete.

Developing Solutions

The complexity and constantly changing nature of US immigration is rewarding for Jagan, who enjoys exploring different paths to legal status with his clients. Says Jagan, “Every week or so, I learn something new. I discover additional legal avenues available to clients.”

Jagan also really enjoys the part of his work that involves collecting and analyzing facts while remaining sensitive to the human element of the work. Says Jagan, “Immigrants are building their careers, families, and children’s futures around each petition or application filing. If something goes wrong with their filing, it can severely disrupt their lives. Our job is to be good, empathetic listeners for our clients while carefully understanding the facts that can help us to prepare secure filings for them.”

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1902 Campus Commons Drive, Suite #440, Reston, VA 20191
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