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How to Find a Good New Jersey Business Litigation Attorney

By: Angelita Chavez | September 07, 2020

Business litigation features any dispute between a company and an employee, another business, or another third-party entity. The unavoidable reality is that many companies may face litigation throughout the course of doing business. Experienced business litigation attorneys can help youresolve disputes efficiently so that you can focus on running – and growing – your business.

TheNew Jersey business litigation attorneys at Chugh, LLP are focused first on determining whether your business can avoid a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is inevitable, our business litigation attorneys focus on how to resolve your case as efficiently and economically as possible. Chugh, LLP’s New Jersey business litigation attorneys will help you to determine whether an out of court settlement or courtroom litigation is the best strategy to accomplish your goals.Our experienced attorneys will work closely with your team to determine the best roadmap to accomplish your goals.

Contact us now to schedule a legal consultation to see how the New Jersey-based business litigation attorneys at Chugh, LLP can help address your case.

Our business litigation attorneys are focused on delivering personalized legal counsel. Our attorneys are experienced in all types of case resolutions.

Chugh, LLP’s New Jerseybusiness litigation attorneys work closely with our clients in the state to ensure our clients are fully involved in:

  • Liability analysis
  • Our proposed case strategy
  • Estimated litigation budget

Our attorneyswork as partners in your business to ensure that your company does not suffer during the process of litigation. We have in-depth experience working with companies in a wide variety of industries, including information technology, manufacturing, professional services, food and beverage, transportation and logistics, medicine and medical devices, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and more.

Our transactional and business litigation attorneys work togetherto represent your case across multiple practice areas, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate law
  • Securities law
  • Information technology law
  • Employment law
  • Tax law

When You Should Hire a Business Litigation Attorney in New Jersey 

While there are many reasons you should hire a business attorney when your company is facing litigation, businesses should consider:

  • Addressing the problem as early as possible:Work with an experienced business litigation attorney as early as you can so that you can avoid backtracking and losing previous time. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the sooner they can start to work on your case.
  • Save money: The New Jersey business litigation attorneys at Chugh, LLP can resolve your case as efficiently as possible, so that you donot spend any more money than you have to.
  • The value of preparation: If one issue cannot be resolved out of court, you want your business litigation attorney to be there from the beginning so that you can be prepared if the case does eventually go to court.
  • Getting back to business: Legal problems donot have to take away valuable resources from running your business. Work with a trusted business litigation attorney from the beginning so that you can focus on what you are best at – running your business.

Common Business Disputes that May Require Litigation 

Whether your company is named as the defendant in a lawsuit, or your company is pursuing litigation because your rights are not being respected, some of the most common types of business litigation include:

  • Corporate:
    • Breach of contracts
    • Shareholder and partnership disputes
    • Succession disputes
    • Mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers
    • Management misconduct
  • Fraud
  • Intellectual property
  • Debt collection
  • Employment
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Tortious interference, or interference with a business’s contracts by a third party
  • Product liability claims


Engage with the trusted New Jersey business litigation attorneys at Chugh, LLPearly to protect your business interests. Contact us today.

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