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Immigration Lead

Email: deepika.singh@chugh.com

Address: 1600 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone: 408.565.0603

Fax: 408.510.5163

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Ms. Deepika Singh is a valuable member of the firm's Immigration/Corporate Practice Group, having joined in 2005. Based out of our Santa Clara, Northern California office, she has expertise in both immigrant and non-immigrant visas. In addition to her MBA, she possesses degrees in accounting and commerce and is presently working towards a Juris Doctor in Law at Lincoln Law School. Before joining the firm, she contributed her skills to a multinational retail company in India, accumulating over four years of experience in business development and customer success. As a key professional at Chugh, LLP, she plays a significant role in contributing to the success of the firm's legal Practice Group. Outside of her professional life, Ms. Singh enjoys hiking, reading, traveling, watching movies, and indulging in music. Embracing Albert Einstein's philosophy, she believes in striving not just for success but for creating value. 


MBA, University of Pune



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