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Entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas may be eligible to immigrate to Canada under the Start-Up Visa Program.

The Canadian Start-up Visa Program is available to foreign entrepreneurs who can create innovative businesses in Canada that create jobs for Canadians and can compete globally.

The Start-up Visa, or SUV, allows individuals and their families to come to Canada on a work permit while they get their business started. Once the business is up and running, SUV entrepreneurs and their spouses and children under 21 can qualify for permanent residence.

Application processing time is currently 12 to 16 months.

Which Businesses Qualify

You must meet four requirements to qualify for a Canadian Start-up Visa.

First, you must get a letter of support from a designated organization. Designated organizations are approved by the Canadian government, and include venture capital funds, angel investor groups, and business incubators. You will need to pitch a designated organization and convince them to support your business.

The minimum financial investment required from each organization is as follows:

Designated Organization

Minimum Investment

Angel investor group


Venture capital fund


Canadian business incubator

None, but you must be accepted into their incubator program.

Next, you must have a qualifying business. This means you plan to actively manage the business from inside Canada, essential business operations will take place in the country, and your business will be incorporated there.

When it comes time to apply for permanent residence, you’ll also need to meet two additional conditions.

  1. You and other applicants from your company each hold at least 10% of the corporation’s voting rights. Up to five individuals can apply for the SUV per business.
  2. You and other applicants, together with the designated organization, must hold more than 50% of the corporation’s voting rights.

The third requirement for the SUV is you’ll need to prove that you have the minimum language proficiency in either French or English.

Finally, you must demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself and your family as you work on getting your business started in Canada. The amount of money needed varies depending on the number of family members you have.

Why Seeking Professional Immigration Help is Essential

There are 2,750 Canadian Start-Up Visas available per year for entrepreneurs and their family members. Don’t risk getting your application refused by trying to do it alone. Ensure you have the best possible chance of success by working with the experienced immigration professionals at Chugh Consulting (India), LLP.

We go beyond industry standards to provide powerful incubation, funding, and mentoring support for your business.

As part of our Start-Up Visa package, you’ll receive 15 months of incubation support. From selecting a designated organization, to refining and strengthening your business idea, and pitching the idea to the organization, Chugh Consulting (India), LLP will help you obtain the letter of support you need to qualify for the SUV.

As part of our incubation services, our business experts will advise you on how to operate your venture, scale business development, secure follow-on fund raising, and encourage growth. We provide support in due diligence, valuation, feasibility studies, intellectual property assessments, and background verification.

As your start-up prepares to launch, we assist you in updating and collecting crucial documents like your business plan, pitch deck, financial projections, and more.

Additionally, we help your start-up prepare for the Canadian market with virtual mentoring sessions on the nuances of doing business in Canada, including pitching, law, taxation, and other important factors. We even offer formal set up assistance in Canada.

You may even qualify for seed funding as part of the SUV package. Our seed funding ranges from 200,000 to 400,000 Canadian dollars.

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