USCIS Adds New Barcode on Form G-28

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By: Angelita Chavez-Halaka, Armando Escobedo, Gladys Gervacio


In the middle of July of 2019, USCIS released the Form G-28 with a barcode on the bottom of each page.

Why the new Barcode?

The USCIS Office of Intake and Document Production (OIDP) states that the new barcodes are intended to assist the USCIS Lockboxes and reduce file review time. Each new barcode on Form G-28 will contain static information such as:

  • Form type
  • Edition date
  • Page number

The barcode has also been applied to the Form I-90 and USCIS expects to add barcodes in the future to other form types.

Will USCIS reject Form G-28 without a barcode?

USCIS will continue to accept Form G-28 with an edition date of 9/17/18 and 5/23/18, with or without the barcode.

* AILA Doc. No. 19073035

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