Chugh, LLP aspires to become the largest problem-solving organization with the most gratified clients and employees in the world. We are looking for more than just attorneys [accountants] and support staff. 



You will be exposed to a diverse cross-section of opportunities which carry with them extrinsic value beyond the traditional mundane tasks within the profession. 



Our firm breaks from the norms of exclusion prevalent within the legal industry. The majority of our staff is comprised of people of color and are multi-lingual individuals from all over the world.

"The environment at Chugh, LLP is warm and positive right from Day 1. The focal point for our energies is fixed on how to get high quality work products out to the client and learn something new each step of the way. This is a work space where I am free to be me, and also constantly evolve as a better version of myself!"
Shagun Parekh
Law Clerk, Santa Clara
“Working with experienced lawyers who enjoy helping clients has inspired me to grow professionally. It’s great to work for a firm that exposes me to a variety of practice areas, with mentors who are invested in my legal practice and the client’s best interest.”
Minh Luong

Join Us

From firm-wide health competitions, to cultural shows, to regular team-wide lunches, to company picnics and parties our team is tight-knit. We care for one another, laugh together, and go out of our way to support one another. Further, we are deeply invested in nonprofit organizations and advancing their causes as though they are our own.

Posting Date Position Job Title Apply
March 26, 2019 Admin & Finance Staff Reston, VA
March 26, 2019 Corporate / Litigation Attorney New York, NY
March 18, 2019 Corporate / Litigation Attorney Reston, VA
March 17, 2019 Admin & Finance Staff Edison, NJ
March 14, 2019 Corporate / Litigation Attorney Cerritos, CA
March 11, 2019 Immigration Attorney New York, NY
March 6, 2019 File Clerk / Support Staff Edison, NJ
March 5, 2019 Immigration Paralegal Cerritos, CA
February 27, 2019 Immigration Paralegal Santa Clara, CA
February 27, 2019 Immigration Paralegal Edison, NJ
February 11, 2019 Corporate / Litigation Paralegal Cerritos, CA
January 23, 2019 Corporate / Litigation Attorney Santa Clara, CA
January 7, 2019 Immigration Attorney Reston, VA